Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wildflower Pics 04/03/10


Deacon and I sitting in the flowers... with Donkey.


Deacon and Donkey running through the Bluebonnets.


What looks like Xena with a mouthful of Bluebonnet... is actually just Xena behind a Bluebonnet.


This is a field behind a TDOT building at 35th and Bull Creek somewhere.


A pink primrose.  Pretty!


Xena was sure someone else was out there in the field, but she couldn't see over the flowers unless she stood on her back legs.


A kind of funny pic of Deacon chasing Xena who was trying to find the large brown dog in the background.


My all time favorite pic!!  A little white Easter bunny hopping through the flowers.


Very nice cloud like yellow weed. 

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