Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Snow Day!!


Real snow is not a common occurrence in the Austin, Texas area, as you might have guessed.  We were very fortunate to get some on February 23rd or thereabouts.  This was the most snow this area has gotten in recent years.  They say, a good snow only comes around every ten years or so.  With almost every house in our neighborhood sporting a snowman, I believe it.


The snow flakes were really large, wet, and fluffy.  Perfect for making snow men and snow angels and such.


What you see here is a bonafide snow wolf.  Very rare in these parts.  See how it tries to stare you down?  That's what it does before it eats you.


After using up most of the snow making snow men and dragging the wagon around the yard, there wasn't a whole lot of snow for snow angels.  Ah, well.  From the look on Deacon's face, it's pretty painful.

It's great fun drag a wagon through the snow apparently.  Personally, I think he just liked seeing the tracks that the wagon left behind...

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